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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 The Teachers and Staff

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Headmaster: Nathaniel Wright.
The Teachers and Staff URSOOLD-1
In charge of overseeing the education and protection of the students. Has the ability to sense and manipulate emotions.
Puppeteer: Ebony / Jace

Secretary: Elizabeth Laine
The Teachers and Staff Mhemmb
24, freshly out of off college, Elizabeth is kind and polite, and very serious about her work. She has the power to erase or give memories on demand.
Puppeteer: Frosty / Kimply

Nurse: Melody Delangelo.
The Teachers and Staff I26jrn
Head nurse. Her voice can knock you out in a second. Married to the Headmaster.
Puppeteer: Frosty / Kimply

Landscaper: Brendan Cassedie
The Teachers and Staff Brenda10
Takes care of the conservatory and all other landscapes. Can store objects into space for only his use.
Puppeteer: Shadow / Lindsey

Our Glorious Teachers

English || Nira Nabell
The Teachers and Staff M79HuK7
English teacher in her thirties, who enjoys teaching. Often considered one of the kindest teachers. Has the power to understand any language.
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

Math || James Wilson
The Teachers and Staff Uncle_Ben
New head of Summer house. Has the power to read minds, which makes it easier to help find where his student's are going wrong with their math problems, or make sure they're paying attention in class. Rather passionate about his subject, to say the least.
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

Science || Leroy Zykov
The Teachers and Staff Nbqazo
From Russia. Teaches science, he his surprisingly good-natured, and jokes a lot with his students. He can shape-shift, and often uses himself as examples in class.
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

History || Katrina Millar
The Teachers and Staff 2ngwvig
Our dear Christian, conservative, muffin-baking darling. Has the ability to control the weather.
Puppeteer: Moon

Art and Drama || Ava Breton
The Teachers and Staff 20s60ic
Well, let us just say she's old. And teaches art and drama. Some might say she's a little askew in the head, but I haven't seen a drama teacher who isn't. Surprisingly smart and wise when she wants to be, though that's rarely. Has incredible insight that she considers a power, but other than that...
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

Gym || Misty Harris
The Teachers and Staff 141l9qs
Coah Harris, gym teacher. Has the power to see the future, though has never really tried to control it. Prefers to work out or smoke, which lessens the visions, and always seems to be in a bad mood. However, she works the students hard and tries to teach them to 'never give up' and such.
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

Defense and Combat || Simon 'Bear' Parker
The Teachers and Staff 2mr5mz9
Has the power of incredible strength, and used to be a warrior. Often talks of the good old days, but seems to enjoy being a teacher, and protects the school at all costs. Defense and combat teacher. Seems to be close friends with the gym teacher.
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

Defense and Combat || Christine Davis
The Teachers and Staff O0EMnBn
A quirky and whimsical woman who serves as an assistant to Simon Parker. While talented at her job and friendly with students, she can be awkward, emotional, and a tad eccentric at times. Will always lend an ear to a student who needs to talk, but her advice might not always be the best. Has the gift of illusion creation, and using her power, she can create an injury-free exotic locale for students to fight in.
Puppeteer: Any Staff Member

Gift Mastery || Irene Moore:
The Teachers and Staff Sw6zgx
Can be rather strict and intimidating. Teaches students to harness their gifts. Has the power of earth.
Puppeteer: Ebony / Jace


Taylor Andrews
The Teachers and Staff 75381
Can manipulate electricity.
Puppeteer: Ebony / Jace

Wisteria Andrews
The Teachers and Staff Wisteria
Can manipulate luck and probablity.
Puppeteer: Lilac

Lynn Harper
The Teachers and Staff Tumblr10
An intense and abrasive young woman who can seem strict and scary (well, really scary) at times. Despite that, her own experiences at Beata Academy have made her extremely protective of students and extremely suspicious of certain school faculty. Can manipulate a person's perception of time.
Puppeteer: Sleepy
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The Teachers and Staff
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