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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Kasumi's Test

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PostSubject: Kasumi's Test   Kasumi's Test EmptyWed Feb 24, 2016 7:18 pm

House Placement Test

1) In what way would you describe yourself?
a - Organizer
b - Supporter
c - Free-spirit
d - Seeker

2) Which career most appeals to you?
a - Judge
b - Therapist
c - Artist
d - Scientist

3) Which of these is most important?
a - Order, respect, family
b - Kindness, courage, love
c - Enjoyment, happiness, freedom
d - Reason, science, intelligence

4) What color appeals to you most?
a - Green
b - Red
c - Orange
d - Blue

5) Would you consider yourself impulsive?
a - Not at all
b - Yes, very
c - Sometimes
d - Not most times

6) Do you have an ordered routine on most days?
a - Yes, every day
b - Sometimes, on important days
c - Never
d - Most of the time

7) With which would you be happier with?
a - My family
b - My love
c - My friends
d - A book

8) On average, what is your favorite genre of entertainment?
a - Drama
b - Romance
c - Satire
d - Tragedy

9) Which magical element are you more drawn to?
a - Earth
b - Fire
c - Air
d - Water

10) Which sounds most like your life's goals?
a - To live conventionally, for family
b - To live actively, for others
c - To live happily, for myself
d - To live in constant study, to see what I can contribute

11) How quick are you to forgive?
a - Slow
b - Quick
c - When I feel the time is right
d - Very slow

12) Which trait are you drawn to in a person?
a - Someone who is a strong leader
b - Someone who is a kind person
c - Someone who is like me
d - Someone who is easy to talk to

13) In what area would your gift(s) most closely correlate?
a - Spiritual *gifts that are affected by your emotional strength and resolve -- gifts that may wane or grow stronger with your mental state (ie atmokinesis)*
b - Physical *gifts that are affected by the condition of your body (ie strength, speed)*
c - Emotional *gifts that are affected by those around you (ie empathy, telepathy)*
d - Mental *gifts that require mental discipline -- gifts that may be uncontrollable unless properly tamed (ie telekinesis)*

14) Would you consider yourself a . . .
a - Both, but more level-headed
b - Warm-hearted person
c - Both, but more warm-hearted
d - Level-headed person

15) How do you react to strangers?
a - I tend to judge them
b - I try to make friends with them
c - It depends on how I feel
d - I ignore them

16) What do you pride yourself in?
a - My moral compass
b - My talents
c - My expressiveness
d - My intelligence

17) Can you make deadlines?
a - Absolutely
b - Sometimes
c - I work at my own pace
d - If they're required

18) What would you prefer in a leader?
a - Strong principles
b - Charisma
c - Someone with similar views to me
d - Someone who is willing to listen to reason

19) Do you tend to . . .
a - Worry about the future
b - Try to stay focused
c - Live in the moment
d - Get lost in thought

20) Where would you prefer to go?
a - Family gathering
b - Sports event
c - Cafe
d - Library

End of test.

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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi's Test   Kasumi's Test EmptyTue Mar 08, 2016 4:30 pm

Kasumi's Test WinterTitle-1

Kasumi has been sorted into the Winter House. Your Head of House is Professor Zykov.

You are in Dorm 109.

Kasumi's Test Tumblr_ol3lldvM801qze3hdo1_500
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Kasumi's Test
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