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 Mutant Hunting [MISSION]

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PostSubject: Mutant Hunting [MISSION]   Mutant Hunting [MISSION] EmptyTue Sep 13, 2016 4:32 pm

Mutant Hunting [MISSION] 1a3416e2edebcedd96d0be250a92c034

Mission : Mutant Hunting
Venue : Miami, Florida - Grapeland Water Park
Reward : $100 per page
Slots : 2 (Open)
[ September 13th, 2016 ]

There have been reports of a gifted woman taking animals from zoos at night and transforming them into deadly, and horrifying mutant creatures. They've been terrorizing all of Miami. The only sighting of the gifted woman was her figure entering an abandoned water park that's called Grapeland. Police have searched the abandoned grounds various times but have never seen her or any mutants at all.

The mission is to:

-Go to Grapeland Amusement Park. (The chances that you will run into the animal mutants is extremely high, kill any that you run into, but bring a smaller one back from examination if possible.)

-Find the gifted woman and apprehend her. (DO NOT KILL HER!)

-Turn her over to the night guards at the entrance of the park. (Since there have been sightings of the woman, they put three trained night guards at the entrance of the abandoned park just in case she entered or exited. Bring the woman to them, they will handle the rest. Her powers are useless unless she has an animal to use them on.)

1. Hope Takewaka

Mutant Hunting [MISSION] Hope_a10Mutant Hunting [MISSION] Amaye_10
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Mutant Hunting [MISSION] ApopKOD_460sa_v1

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Mutant Hunting [MISSION]
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