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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 The Winter Formal

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PostSubject: Re: The Winter Formal   The Winter Formal - Page 5 EmptySun Feb 23, 2014 2:49 pm

When Jayden finished playing he looked up, the feeling of magic quickly drifting away. He looked over at the pretty girl with the pendent and made his way into the crowd, walking towards Noa. Though, he only got to give her a quick thumbs up before the announcer called out the names. His brother had gotten king (no surprise to him there) and Jayden grinned brightly and signed a quick congrats. Then, for some reason, his name was called. He was astounded. Did people even know who he was? Of course he had been on the ballet, but he never really put much thought into actually winning. In his excited state, he quickly wrapped Noa in a hug before pulling away with a blush. Sorry. He signed clumsily before turning and making his way to the stage.

Morgan was there, a cup of punch never leaving her hand. She blamed the burning feeling on her power as she downed her third drink. Yeah, she was having so much fun alone by the punch bowl. Who wouldn't be?

Emelia grinned brightly at Penny when she started towards the dance floor. She set down her cup of punch, which she had been drinking plenty of since this thing had began and made her way towards the dance floor. God, were her heels getting harder to walk in or something? Normally she was an expert at walking in them, but she couldn't stop stumbling. Crap. What was up with that? She shrugged the thought off and began to dance. how do you even rp that? right arrow, right arrow, down arrow, left arrow, up arrow- *shot*

The oldest Andrews rolled his eyes, looking at Preston with disbelief. "Because she seemed totally interested, dude. Don't put too much faith into your game." Dublin said, watching Eloise walk off. He admitted that he hated to watch the girl leave, but he loved to watch her go his mood instantly went up when his little sister stormed towards them. He grinned, wrapping Verona in a bear hug after Preston and lifting her off her feet. (Probably causing some attention to fall to the three.) "We wanted to surprise you." After setting her down he looked at her dress. "You're the second best looking Andrews in this room, Ronnie." He looked over at Preston for a moment the grinned. "After me, of course."
Then everyone got quiet and the winners were announced. It didn't really matter to him because Dublin knew nobody here, but whenever they called a familiar name he grinned and shouldered Verona gently. "Hey, I think they messed up the ballet. There's no way you could be cool enough to win, Duckie." While he teased her, he was proud nonetheless ugh goodbye muse I am done

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PostSubject: Re: The Winter Formal   The Winter Formal - Page 5 EmptyMon Feb 24, 2014 8:54 pm

This is it, Noa thought, slightly nervous as Jaii finished his song. He's finally going to dance with me. Her heart was swelling and her hands were sweating. You can do it Noa, you're a big girl. Granted she was slightly distracted by the pretty announcer, but didn't think much of it anyway. Noa knew people didn't really know who she was- and she liked it that way- but she had been nominated nonetheless, so she couldn't help but keep her ears perked up. He flashed her a thumbs up and Noa flashed him a smile.

""Your Prince and Princess: Jayden Wright and..."

Oh my word, Noa's heart stopped. For a second her heart picked up a little bit of speed. Had they both won together? A vision of the two of them sharing a slow dance together under the soft glow of the lights made her heart flutter. And then he would lean over and...

"...Lamia Tempo!"

Her heart stopped again and her smile drooped a little. Right. She knew she wouldn't win anyway. That was a silly thought... Besides, no one even knew who she was. But atleast Jayden won and that's all that matter right...? Right...? He surely was happy and Noa caught her breath as he hugged her. "Way to go Jaii," Noa said softly, trying to keep her smile from looking too forced, but her face a bright red from his touch. But before she could respond Jayden had already walked away and the small girl was left looking down at the ground, once again dateless. "You're fine..."

"Let.. go.. of... me." Verona squealed, squirming around in his arms. Despite being young women, just for a second a glimpse of a four-year old Verona could be seen. She had been a cute kid, she was short and squatty, with little pudgy cheeks and short curly hair, but she had never liked being picked up. It was just kind of a thing of hers, she liked being independently on her own two feet. Now was no exception and despite the looks she was given, she didn't stop wiggling until her heels were firmly in their spots.

Verona rolled her eyes turning to Preston. "Mom and her sentiments." Wisteria had always been a big fan of pictures or things that "meant things to her", she even still had this old stupid vase with some stupid dried rose in it and despite how old it was she had refused to get rid of it. Personally Verona didn't understand why anyone would want to keep a dead rose, but yet it remained in the same spot on the mantle for as long as she could remember. "Thank you Dubby, both me and Preston appreciate your sincere modesty." And much like she did before for her date, Verona gave her brothers a small little twirl.

In all honesty, she couldn't care less about the band and continued to chat with her brothers throughout their performance, but as an announcer walked onto stage, Verona gently silence her brothers. Come on, come on, comeoncomecomeoncomeon! Her heart was pounding lightly, but she tried to look cool and composed. Too the girls relief her names was called out. It was official. She was the queen. A huge smile grew across her face and an easy look of relief. "Oh shut up Linny," Verona said confidently, shoving her brother back.

But something was missing and quiet a crucial part. Her date. The two had only shared a small dance together and he had fled off somewhere else, leaving Verona in the dust. Surely he didn't expect her to walk up on the stage alone, not now. She did a once over by the room and spotted him not too far off by some other chick and she raised an eyebrow. Ahh, of course the flirt ran off with another girl. Verona rolled her eyes lightly, but gave him a small little nod. Verona took long strides over to Jace and took the arm he had extended out to her. "Well, congrats Blondie," The girl purred, a slightly smug grin on her face. "I bet you're glad you came after all."

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PostSubject: Re: The Winter Formal   The Winter Formal - Page 5 EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 10:13 pm

She still seemed quite nervous, but she was loosening up ever-so slightly. Despite the space between them now, Jacob still left his arms loosely wrapped around Alicia as he nodded at her, his expression earnest. "Of course! I wouldn't want to take you somewhere where you wouldn't have any fun. We're both supposed to have fun; not just one person." He really wouldn't want her to come here and not have any fun, so he would do his best to grant her a great night, even if that meant defending her from this strange stalker. "You don't need to apologize. I totally understand. I just hope I can help you lessen that worry."

With the winners of the fancy titles announced, people were starting to meander down to the dance floor, though it hadn't quite picked up yet. It wouldn't be completely odd for them to start dancing, since it was, after all, a dance. Looking back at the pretty Summer, he nodded his head over towards the floor. "Perhaps you'd like to dance now? I promise I'm not terrible at it." He laughed at that. Sure, he wasn't some dancing master, but he had danced before, so he figured he wouldn't embarrass himself out there. Would she want to, though? Well, he'd find out soon enough.
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The Winter Formal
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